Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Prints

Well spring is just around the's kind of peeking it's way around the last of the winter weather and with more sunshine comes more energy! I am talking about spring house cleaning. I've been restlessly waiting for warmer temps so I can get to it and get the windows sparkling again too! I see the little prints my granddaughter has left behind and those however, are going to stay! They are a gift she left behind proving that she was here and that once again we had a wonderful time together! Here's a gift for all you parents and grandparents who look at those little prints that are left all over your house!

Little Prints

Little handprints on the wall
They don't bother me at all!
A little child left them there,
For me to see that they'd been here!

Little prints on a chair,
Remind me they were sitting there!
We shared a meal and talked a bunch!
About important things like toys and lunch!

Little footprints by the door,
Some days I wish there would be more
For visits from that a little child
Are filled with fun and hugs and smiles!

Little Prints for all to see
That blessings were bestowed on me!
For little prints are gifts of love
From someone special up above!

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Jóna said...

Love your poet Linda !!