Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Old Friends, New Friends on Facebook

It's funny what facebook can bring into your life. I recently went away for a weekend and came home to find a friends request from a very dear old friend....one from elementary school! We were friends from about 2nd grade until sixth grade when I moved to another town. So it's been about 42 years since we have seen one another. I accepted the request and we have been catching up, little by little, on what has transpired in our lives since we had been seperated.
The funny thing is that so many times we develop friendships because of common interests or similar ways of thinking. 42 years later I find that my friend is also an author. Marynell Lund has written the book called, The Normal Side of Insanity. The book contains life experiences about several types of abuse she has suffered during her lifetime.
I on the other hand, have not. But what I have also done in my book is bring to light the different facuets of abuse, but in a fictious manner. There Should Have Been Roses deals with physical and mental abuse suffered by a woman at the hands of a man who professes to love her. Her inability to leave and the consequenses she suffers because of "love" are the heart of my story.
Both books are well worth reading. Both deal with issues that need to be exposed. I hope someone, somewhere, will pick up one of our books and pass along the information that could save someone's life.
So Marynell, it's wonderful to have you back in my life and much success with your new book!