Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tribute to the troops

Being the mother-in-law of two career military "sons" I can relate to the pain and heartache a family goes through with the seperation from their loved ones. "Waiting for you to come home" was written for my own two while they served their time in both Afghanistan and Iraq. To all our troops and for their families, We'll be waiting for you to come home!

Waiting for you to come home!

In all our lives, we never thought
You'd go so far away.
If we had the choice, I hope you know
Close by us you would stay.
But the time had come, a call you heard
To keep our country free.
With your head held high,
No last "goodbyes" a soldier you must be.
So you went away to that foreign land
Where turmoil stirs our peace.
You left behind the land you love
To calm a threatening beast.
Our hearts are filled with so much pride.
We're free because of you.
No words express the love we feel
Or the gratitude that's due.
Tonight you'll sleep in that foreign land
And if you feel like you're alone,
Remember first, a million prayers
Because we'll be waiting for you to come home!


While we are concerned with saving Mother Earth we also have to pay tribute to all mothers with a special day in May. Precious Gift was written for all the mom's in the world who are certainly a special gift to us all!

Precious Gift

In His hands, he mixed all good things,
Like angel dust and butterfly wings!
The fluffiest of clouds and softest down.
A fragrant rose, and baby’s sounds!
Then added just a pinch of dew.
Rainbow colors and laughter too!
Then he said to the world,
“Are you ready for this?
For she can heal with just a kiss!”
She can walk the earth to save a child.
And never mind the “extra mile.”
While the rest of the world is sound asleep.
A constant vigil she will keep.
She’ll touch a flower and make it bloom,
Her radiant smile will warm a room!
She’ll calm a world of hurt and fear.
And though she’s strong you can see the tears.
For a mother is filled with a special love.
She’s a precious gift from heaven above!

Jill Holmes

Mother of all mothers!

Today is Earth day. The day to celebrate and learn more about saving our great planet. Each little thing we do to conserve our natural resources helps. So celebrate and do what you can to preserve our planet for our children's future.

Friday, April 20, 2007

To Touch a Heart

Hi everyone. I'm Jill Holmes a Minnesota author and poet. I am the author of An Ax in the Sandbox, and To Touch a Heart. Ax is a contemporary novel and To Touch a Heart is a collection of short stories and award winning poetry. This is my first blog but have a website and my books are available from my webpage. Hope I can stir up some interest and meet other writers and create new relationships!