Sunday, April 22, 2007


While we are concerned with saving Mother Earth we also have to pay tribute to all mothers with a special day in May. Precious Gift was written for all the mom's in the world who are certainly a special gift to us all!

Precious Gift

In His hands, he mixed all good things,
Like angel dust and butterfly wings!
The fluffiest of clouds and softest down.
A fragrant rose, and baby’s sounds!
Then added just a pinch of dew.
Rainbow colors and laughter too!
Then he said to the world,
“Are you ready for this?
For she can heal with just a kiss!”
She can walk the earth to save a child.
And never mind the “extra mile.”
While the rest of the world is sound asleep.
A constant vigil she will keep.
She’ll touch a flower and make it bloom,
Her radiant smile will warm a room!
She’ll calm a world of hurt and fear.
And though she’s strong you can see the tears.
For a mother is filled with a special love.
She’s a precious gift from heaven above!

Jill Holmes

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