Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day...2011

Wow! Amazing how time flies by. It's spring here in Minnesota but by all accounts it would be very hard to tell as on this day May, 25,2011 my furnace is still running....and running! But we are blessed with tons of rain instead of tornadoes..or lemon sized hail. Instead we are a bit chilled and wet. Better then most I dare say. By the time summer actually shows up we'll whiz right through it directly into fall!
This memorial weekend had been filled with ideas of camping, swimming, and having family fun out at Hickory Hills campgrounds where we have our camper parked. With impending rain though, plans have been a bit changed. I will be here sharing a few hours with my youngest granddaughter who will be staying over on Friday night. Then Sat. we might take a chance at spending time at the camper....hopefully a few hours with a bit of sun.
The most important thing about this weekend however, is to remember all those special people who have given their time, dedication or their lives to insure our freedoms...freedom to complain about the weather, to go camping or just to spend time with our families. God Bless you all!