Monday, July 30, 2007

Preserving Family

There is nothing more important in our lives, in our world and for our existance as, family. And second to family, is preserving the treasures that make up the memories that are so important to pass on to the next generation. Many people capture those moments in pictures and many like to arrange them into scrapbooks or memory books so the children of this generation will have the history of their ancestors. Recently I discovered on my computer a program that many may already have knowledge of and that is the Window's Movie Maker. The program in itself is so easy to manuver that even small children can create a video, with a musical background and pick and chose which memories they would like to capture and preserve. I am now making videos of each one of my grandchildren starting with pictures of their births until the present day. For Christmas I am going to make a video for each one of my own children with pictures from the past and call it Heritage. The video will include pics of their greatgrand parents, their grandparents and myself from birth to present. I hope you will take advantage of the wonderful world of videos presented to you through Windows!

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