Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Memorial Day

With the end of May approaching we look forward to Memorial Day. The celebration of the rememerance of those who have gone on without us whether it be family, the troops who have sacrificed everything for us or those who died on 9/11. To all of those who are survivers of a loved one, this one is for you!


There's a silence in your life today

A place no one can share.

A missing part, within your heart

for one that was so rare.

Where memories now must fill the gap

for the voice you'll never hear.

It's soft refrain, will now remain,

Just an echo in your ears.

There's sometimes disagreement,

Between the people that we love,

But time can heal, no one can steal

Great lessons from above.

So when it's time to say "goodbye"

there is no easy way.

Forgive, forget, shrug off regrets

For there's nothing left to say.

There's a silence in your life today

A place no one can share.

But their in your heart, those missing parts,

For love is still so rare.


Heidi said...

Hello Jill!
What a beautiful poem!! It is so touching. Thank you so much for posting on my blog!! It has been a really hard week (I just posted on my blog), sorry I wasn't able to come here sooner!! I love your poems, you are such a talented and gifted writer!! I would like to post a link to your blog on mine, just let me know if that's ok.

med said...

hi jill..i liked this poem very i said on are a very thoughtful person..keep it up:-)